Hades’ Helmet of Darkness

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Hades' Helmet of Darkness by Sarah René Straub
“Woe, destruction, ruin, and decay;
The worst is death, and death will have his day.”
–William ShakespeareA combination of sketches of Hades, “The Blind King”, and his Helm of Darkness from my mythology comic in the works BLIND FOLLIES. My vision of Hades is not one of evil, but of an Elder God once cheated in a game of straws to be the master of death and keeper of souls, a duty he keeps well. Once a mortal has set foot in his realm, he will use his every power and trickery to hold the natural order and add to the population of his subjects. His cold countenance can only be melted by the appeal of his wife, Persephone, Princess of Spring.In ancient times, black rams were sacrificed to the morbid deity, and I can never pass up the chance to draw a skull when given the opportunity.